Some of my work includes video editing and animation. Below are three projects, focusing on special effects editing and 3D modelling.

Technofly – A 3D modelling and animation that included character design and a concept storyboard planning. The objective of this project was to explore 3D modelling processes and the tools involved and to learn about the complex requirements of the animated video industry.

Remote Saber was a project I worked on during my internship in a small Madrid based video production company. The objective was to learn about special effects in video production using the Adobe After Effects application. This video was just a humorous homage to the Star Wars film series as a background for this exercise.

NoRock, Paper, Scissors is a stop-motion video, made by using only photographs and arranging them in a timeline to create this silent animation. This exercise had to include a paper and scissors cutting it, while the rest was free to my imagination.